Understanding the Risk of Low Density Asbestos Fibre Board

26 July 2019
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Asbestos is a material that needs to be handled with care at all times, and most people fully understand this by now. Yet there are different types of asbestos, and it is found in so many different places that it can be hard to determine the actual level of risk. While it is always best to err on the side of caution, you should pay particular careful if you suspect that there may be low density asbestos fibre board in your home. Read More 

Cleaning Chemicals You Should Be Careful With

20 February 2019
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Cleaning a house is not always the easiest task in the world. There might be a lot of stains that do not come off just with water and a dainty brush or cloth. These kinds of stains are the nightmare of homeowners and cleaning services, and sometimes, what they need are strong cleaning chemicals. What Are Some Of The Most Popular Cleaning Chemicals? Cleaning agents are divided into categories based on their purpose or their chemical components. Read More