3 Reasons Why Steam Cleaning Your Carpet Is More Effective Than Shampooing

27 September 2021
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While it may sound surprising that steam could clean more effectively than chemical shampoos, the truth is that steam cleaning your carpet is the best way to get it looking, feeling and smelling like new. Steam cleaning is a process in which hot water and detergent are pumped into a machine that sprays hot steam onto your rug. The pressure from the spray nozzle ruptures dirt particles on contact with the carpet fibres, dislodging them so they can be thoroughly removed. Read More 

Three Questions to Ask Before Getting Your Carpet Cleaned Professionally

23 June 2021
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Getting your carpet professionally cleaned is highly recommended if you want to keep your carpets clean, fresh-smelling and free of dust and dirt. However, the process can seem a little confusing, and there are a few questions you should ask your carpet cleaners in advance to ensure you have all the right information. What Chemicals and Products Do They Use? Different carpet cleaning companies will use different types of methods, products and processes to clean your carpet, and it might be important to you to find out exactly what your chosen company will use. Read More