3 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before You Do End of Lease Cleaning Yourself

29 November 2016
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Some tenants may wish to save some money when they are moving out of a rental property. Such renters may decide to do the end of lease cleaning on their own so that they pocket the money that the professional cleaners would have taken. This article discusses some key questions that you should ask yourself before undertaking end of lease cleaning on your own.

Can You Identify All Areas That Need Cleaning?

The outcomes of your efforts to clean the apartment at the end of your lease may depend on your ability to identify everything that needs to be cleaned. Any area that you overlook may cause the property owner or the management agency to withhold part of your deposit or bond in order to pay a cleaning crew to clean the apartment. It is therefore vital for you to move through the house and write a checklist of all the places that need to be cleaned. That checklist should include all the items or places that are indoors and outdoors. For instance, you should not forget to clean inside the cupboards and bench tops when you are cleaning the kitchen. Only start the end of lease cleaning exercise when you are sure that you will not omit anything that needs to be cleaned.

Do You Have the Necessary Equipment?

The property owner or the management agency expects the apartment to be clean to the level expected when professionals handle the task. You should therefore be sure that you have all the requirements that can deliver professional-quality results in case you want to clean the apartment on your own. For instance, do you have the right products to get rid of the grease that built up in the oven? What will you use to remove the limescale from the showerhead? 

Do You Have the Time?

As already mentioned, the apartment will be expected to be sparkling clean when you hand it over at the end of your lease. Achieving that goal requires you to invest time in cleaning each item or location thoroughly. Will you ask family members and friends to help you to get the job done quickly? Are you going to take several days to clean the apartment? Be sure that you will have the time to do a good job before you decide to clean that apartment without hiring professional cleaners.

The slightest mistake or oversight that you make during that end of lease cleaning may invalidate all your efforts in cleaning other sections of the apartment. It may therefore be better for you to hire professional cleaners so that you avoid the heartache of paying professionals to redo the cleaning after you spent several hours and bought materials attempting to get the apartment ready for the next tenant only to be told it wasn't clean enough.