What to Look for When Considering a Rubbish-Chute Hire

30 November 2016
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A rubbish chute makes it very easy to dispose of trash or recyclable items and pieces like linens from the top floor of a building. Rubbish chutes can be hired short term to be used on construction sites and renovation projects or long term to be used in apartment buildings, hotels, and office complexes. If you're in the market for a rubbish chute, note a few things you'll want to look for and discuss with any agency before making your decision on a chute.

1. Understand the different types of chutes

Not all chutes are meant for heavy construction and renovation debris like roofing tiles and carpet squares. A stainless-steel, thick gauge of chute is best for these projects, whereas you usually don't need something so thick for everyday trash tossed by apartment dwellers or office workers. A lighter aluminium chute may be secure enough for this use; however, these may have connectors that would get caught on linens and laundry. Metal chutes may also break glass bottles that you may be adding to a recycling bin, and this could cause a hazard from that falling glass; PVC is the better material for anything delicate, including linens and glass. Talk to your rental or hiring agency about the use of the chute and ensure you choose one that is strong enough to hold up against your typical debris but which won't cause damage to items either.

2. Note whether the chute needs a door and what type

A short-term chute may not need a door, as you may want full access to it during renovation and construction. However, for long-term use, consider if a door that works with a foot pedal would be easier on tenants of an apartment complex or office that may be tossing large trash bags. A simple hinged door that doesn't need to be opened by hand can also be good for laundry and linens, so you keep out other debris but make it easier for hotel workers to toss in large loads without having to work the door.

3. Note how the chute is assembled and accessed

If something gets stuck in the chute, you want quick access to the clogged materials. Ask about how the chute is accessed from the outside or the best way to address such a blockage so you don't make a mess with trash or cause damage to laundry and linens. Some chutes will easily disassemble in certain sections whereas others may have access points that work like small doors. Still others may have no access, and you may need to call the agency to have them address clogged areas, so be sure to ask about this before having your chute installed.

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