What You Should Know About Hiring Office Cleaners for Your Company

30 November 2016
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When you're hiring office cleaners for your company, you may know to check their references and past experiences with cleaning. However, there is much more to hiring and working with office cleaners than just references; note a few things to keep in mind about such a company so you know what may be involved in the hiring process and in their services.

1. They may not handle hazardous waste

If you have an office in front of a production or warehouse facility, don't assume that office cleaners can remove that trash or any other materials in that area. Many office cleaners need to have their own insurance policy for potential disability or injury to their own employees, and this policy may not cover the handling of any hazardous waste; this can include oils, batteries, tanks that held gas of any sort, and any other types of dangerous materials. In these cases, you may need an industrial cleaning company in addition to office cleaners.

2. Office cleaners are not the same as residential cleaners

A cleaning company may handle both residential and office cleaning, but the two are very different, so you need to ensure you hire a company with experience in cleaning offices. Your space will probably have a lot more computer equipment, heavier trash to be taken out, and other particulars that make it very different than cleaning a home. A residential cleaner may also not have the same type of insurance coverage, as it can be more expensive to replace broken office computers than it is to replace a broken vase. Be sure you know the difference between the two types of cleaners and find a company experienced with offices, and that has sufficient insurance as well.

3. Office cleaners may help with keeping your space comfortable

Are you concerned with how to insulate your company's office area? Office cleaners may know of the fabric and partitions used by other companies that insulate soundwaves rather than bounce them around. Are you concerned about the level of dust that always settles onto conference room tables and file cabinets? Office cleaners might know of the best air filters to put in certain rooms to remove that dust and capture it while it's airborne. They may also be able to tell you when ductwork needs cleaning or how to reduce water usage in bathrooms; don't hesitate to ask them for any suggestions or about any questions you have that would make your office space more comfortable overall.