Questions to Ask Any Potential Construction Cleaning Company

1 December 2016
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Construction cleaning is not like residential or even commercial cleaning; after construction or renovation, there is usually lots of scrap and building waste that needs to be collected, along with dust over virtually every surface. If you own a construction company and need to hire a post-construction cleaning company, note a few important questions to ask them so you know you hire the right company and what to expect by way of their services.

1. Ask the level of carpet cleaning they can offer

Even if new carpeting is installed last in a new home or office complex, it can easily collect layers of dust from areas around it, and a standard vacuuming may not be sufficient. This carpeting may not need an actual shampooing, but even with a heavy-duty, commercial vacuum cleaner, it may not be clean enough for your new occupants. Always ask if the commercial cleaners can offer something more than just vacuuming, such as a steam extract to remove all that dust.

2. Always ask how much construction waste and debris they collect

Some construction cleaners will only empty trash and perhaps wipe down counters and new cabinets, but won't actually collect scrap pieces that are scattered about a construction site. These pieces may be very hazardous if they have loose and sharp edges, and cleaners may not even be allowed to handle such dangerous pieces because of their own insurance policy limitations. You may need to ensure any construction waste is collected and put in bins for your cleaners, or hire a company that does collect such scrap if necessary.

3. Ask about windows

Not all cleaning companies will clean windows, and especially not on the outside where they may need to use ladders or power washers. New windows may also have small grout lines that need trimming, and a construction cleaning company may not necessarily know how to clean these safely without scratching the windows. On the other hand, some construction cleaners will have all the equipment needed to wash windows inside and out and may also do this trim and detail cleaning as well, so ask about this to ensure it gets done on your construction site.

4. Check their insurance coverage

Cleaning a new, unoccupied space may mean less risk of damaging items like computers and electronics, but there is still the risk of scratching tiles, new cabinets, and other items in a new building or home. Be sure a cleaning company has, not just insurance, but adequate coverage, so you are reimbursed properly if they should damage anything while cleaning.