Boat Maintenance: Four Practical Tips for Cleaning Your Marine Vessel

5 February 2018
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Cleaning is an essential maintenance process for your marine boat. The regular washing of the exterior and interior surfaces will ensure the preservation of the vessel. In simple terms, the oxidation stains which are caused by continuous exposure to saline water will not develop. Also, cleaning can prolong the service life of the boat by preventing accelerated corrosion and deterioration of the vessel features. Under ideal circumstances, you should hire an experienced cleaning company that offers marine services for the work. If you are interested in performing the boat maintenance task without an expert, you should use these cleaning tips for favourable results.

Obtain a Pressure Washer

You should have the right tools for cleaning your marine boat. Your equipment will determine the ease of cleaning, time taken and final results. Where possible, you should have a power washer for the cleaning work. This tool will deliver water under high pressure, ensuring the removal of old grime and stubborn stains. Moreover, you will accomplish more within a short time, especially in comparison to using a bucket or a regular hose.

Purchase Compatible Products

You cannot achieve ideal results without some commercial products when cleaning your vessel. Therefore, you should make time to shop for appropriate solutions for your maintenance work. It is advisable to look for boat cleaning detergents with marine-grade ratings. These types of soaps will remove oxidation stains and will not be neutralised by the salinity. If your boat has stains, you should acquire a spot cleaning solution.

Avoid Using Seawater

You should never clean your marine boat with saline water. This action will be detrimental to your vessel and might cause premature damage. In general, the saline water will wash away the dust and grime on the surfaces. However, the salt will adhere to the boat firmly, increasing the rate of oxidation. Over time, your hull and other features will develop unattractive stains. You should only use fresh water from your taps to remove the dirt and rinse off the salt deposits.

Wax the Boat

You should think about waxing the boat surfaces after cleaning and allowing the water to dry. A layer of wax will enhance the appeal of the vessel and prevent fast accumulation of dirt and grime. Also, the coating will protect the boat features, minimising the risk of staining. For the best results, you should purchase and apply marine wax on the vessel. Then, use a power buffing machine to polish the surfaces for perfect appeal and optimal coating performance.