3 Cleaning Mistakes That Are Damaging Your Tile Grout

25 June 2018
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After weeks and months of foot traffic with no deep cleaning, tile grout is bound to look dirty and unsightly. Regular mopping or vacuuming won't do much to get rid of the brown stains that are deeply embedded into the grout. As a result, restoring the colour of tile grout is one thing that most homeowners obsess over. They will look for products and tools that will help give the grout that beautiful colour it had after installation. However, did you know that some of the techniques that you are using could be causing more harm than good? This article will address three grout cleaning mistakes that could be causing damage.

Using grout cleaning products

Some of the products on the market today that are labelled as tile cleaning products are not suitable for your flooring. That's because they contain harsh chemicals which cause more harm to your grout and tile flooring. The chemicals strip away the sealant used to protect the tile surface from heavy foot traffic. They also cause premature wear to the grout. Additionally, some of the grout scrubbers and cleaning tools scratch at the tile surface as you use them. What's more, you may not even achieve a clean floor after using them — you will only be left with damaged tile and grout.

Using DIY cleaners

If you research the internet for DIY grout cleaning, you will find several solutions, such as those using vinegar and water. These DIY cleaners have been hyped for getting rid of grime and restoring the appearance of your grout. Unfortunately, such products that are high in acidity can do more harm than good to your grout and tiles. The acid can erode the grout, strip away the protective sealants and shorten the lifespan of your grout. You will end up spending more money re-tiling or re-grouting your home.

Modifying your tools

When you don't want to invest in tile cleaning tools, you may think of applying a little creativity by modifying power tools. So instead of buying a cleaning tool, you create a makeshift one using the available tools in your home such as a power drill and scrub brush. Mounting a brush on a power drill may seem like a quick and effective way of cleaning grout. Unfortunately, the speed with which the tool operates causes the brush to scratch at the grout while cleaning. The bristles compromise the integrity of the surface. Also, modifying power tools can lead to injury.

These grout cleaning options may seem affordable, but they will cost you much in the long run. Contact a professional cleaning company that has the right tools and equipment for grout and tile cleaning.