3 Reasons for Hiring a Bulk Curtain Laundry Service Provider

26 September 2018
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Curtains serve a unique role inside the home. Apart from filtering dust, direct sunlight and other contaminants from the outside, curtains add character to a room. Over time, however, frequent contact with hands, wall painting and window surfaces cause curtains to get dusty, dirty, musky and stuffy.

Typically, most homeowners choose to wait until they are almost out of clean drapes before taking the curtains to the Laundromat. The delay is mostly because interior drapes are big in size and significant in number which makes the thought of doing the washing at home a tricky proposition. This article highlights the advantages of hiring a bulk curtain laundry service.

1. Getting Rid of Allergens -- The folds and heavy fabric on curtains are a haven for microbes such as mould. Also, pests such as dust mites and bedbugs love the creases on the inside seams of curtains especially because these areas go undisturbed for extended periods. Using standard home detergents to get rid of the microbes and pests is counterproductive. Such soaps will get rid of the dirt. However, bulk laundry cleaning services have the required cleaning agents to get rid of all microbes in the curtains. Additionally, the service providers will treat the curtains with special agents to prevent further infestation by pests and germs.

2. Material Protection -- When cleaning heavy drapes at home, one might think that the dense material can withstand any cleaning treatment. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Although heavy-duty curtains are made from durable material, there is only so much they can take. Using strong detergents or bleaches -- in the case of white curtains -- can compromise the integrity and strength of the fabric.

It is also common to find homeowners using brushes to scrape away stubborn dirt. While you might not see the effects of brushing your curtains immediately, it will be too late when you start to notice the damage. Bulk curtain laundry services understand cleaning agents that are best suited for your curtain or type of dirt. Hiring the services of a specialist helps to protect the integrity of your curtains thereby prolonging the useful life.

3. Create a Fresh Environment -- Curtains are made from absorbent materials and the cleaning agents you decide to use might linger on the material for some time. Therefore, you might be tempted to experiment with different scented detergents during the washing process. However, if you use soap with a strong scent, then the atmosphere around your home might become uncomfortable.

On the other hand, hiring professional curtain cleaners that know which scents are best on curtains will enhance the ambiance in your home. Besides, the bulk curtain laundry service providers know in-season scents that will make your home smell fresh and clean all day long.