3 Reasons for Hiring a Bulk Curtain Laundry Service Provider

26 September 2018
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Curtains serve a unique role inside the home. Apart from filtering dust, direct sunlight and other contaminants from the outside, curtains add character to a room. Over time, however, frequent contact with hands, wall painting and window surfaces cause curtains to get dusty, dirty, musky and stuffy. Typically, most homeowners choose to wait until they are almost out of clean drapes before taking the curtains to the Laundromat. The delay is mostly because interior drapes are big in size and significant in number which makes the thought of doing the washing at home a tricky proposition. Read More 

3 Cleaning Mistakes That Are Damaging Your Tile Grout

25 June 2018
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After weeks and months of foot traffic with no deep cleaning, tile grout is bound to look dirty and unsightly. Regular mopping or vacuuming won't do much to get rid of the brown stains that are deeply embedded into the grout. As a result, restoring the colour of tile grout is one thing that most homeowners obsess over. They will look for products and tools that will help give the grout that beautiful colour it had after installation. Read More 

Boat Maintenance: Four Practical Tips for Cleaning Your Marine Vessel

5 February 2018
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Cleaning is an essential maintenance process for your marine boat. The regular washing of the exterior and interior surfaces will ensure the preservation of the vessel. In simple terms, the oxidation stains which are caused by continuous exposure to saline water will not develop. Also, cleaning can prolong the service life of the boat by preventing accelerated corrosion and deterioration of the vessel features. Under ideal circumstances, you should hire an experienced cleaning company that offers marine services for the work. Read More